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What does it look like to pursue a life that
cultivates bliss in the everyday moment?

Meet JessicaI’m on the hunt to find out.

My name is Jessica Newell and I have a big dream to build a life full of purpose, presence and style. My love of organized offices, styled photographs/events/spaces, and creative business endeavors has led me to focus my time and energy to developing skills in each of these areas so that I can build something truly breathtaking that serves and inspires anyone who happens to find this page during their own hunt for bliss.

What that looks like in terms of this brand and the products & services it will birth, I don’t quite know. This site will house whatever those beautiful things may be, but until then I am glad you are here and you found me!

If your itching to see how this journey I’m on evolves, the BEST place to stay connected with me on Instagram. Here’s a peek…


Welcome to my world and wishing you peace today as you seek bliss in your life!