When was the last time you actually used your office and enjoyed it?

DeathtoStock_Medium10_15x10You might have relegated your desk as a place to collect junk mail and piles of random receipts while you cozy up on the couch to do your most vital work.

I’ve gotta tell you though…

This could seriously be holding you back when it comes to your creativity + productivity.

And that means that you’re selling yourself short of all the success you could be having.

Or maybe your workspace functions (pretty good) but doesn’t really align with your values and could use some refreshing. Wouldn’t you love to give some attention to the place where the magic happens behind the scenes of your biz so that you can brilliantly serve your customers?

I know exactly how it feels as I spent a lot of time trying to make big moves in my biz while curled up in a robe on my living room sofa. I didn’t get very far.

It wasn’t until I got serious that I started really using my organizational skills to make my workspace the perfect incubator for my dreams.

Do you really want to LOVE your workspace every. single. time. you. step. into. it?

It’s totally possible and I LOVE helping creative people like you make that happen.

Here’s how: I’ll help you stylishly organize your office/studio/desk in a corner of your bedroom, so that you are completely blissed out every time you walk by it. You just won’t be able to resist the urge to get down to business and get your creative juices flowing.

You may be wondering why I have this huge interest in streamlined offices and what drove me to offer something like this to the world.


Here’s my story…

launch-story-fwI started really honing these organizational skills while working as a design/admin assistant for a commercial interior designer back in 2008. While I had a blast helping her prepare presentations and research perfect fit furnishings for healthcare facilities, my true genius came through when she asked me to whip our studio into shape.

My very first day on the job I reorganized the furniture resource library and within a few months time I’d overhauled ever system in the office, from organizing the hundreds of random fabric samples by color, to weeding through old, outdated client files and even getting my hands on redecorating a small conference room in our office.

By the time I’d left that position, due to a relocation, that space was much better of than when I first arrived there.

From that time on I’ve taken a number of interior design classes and taken on many organizing projects at different temp positions I’ve held. I use those skills daily now in my day job as an Office Manager at a finance firm. But I’ve had the most fun reinvigorating life into my home office, making it my personal have n for my dreams and ambitions.

I want to help you do the same in your workspace. It needs to function so that you don’t get lost and stressed by distractions, but more than that it needs to feel so great that you really want to be in there for hours at a time.

To do this, right now I am offering my signature one-on-one package:

Bespoke office