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Let’s start off by saying that the perfect workday doesn’t quite exist, but there are things you can do to definitely make your day (and every other day) more blissful.

We all have rainy bad hair days where it seems someone else is running the show in a way that is not so fun, and everything seems to go wrong. Then there are days where you know everything was pre-arranged in a totally serendipitous manner that almost overwhelms you.

These encompass both ends of the spectrum, but all those mundane, in-between days can be pretty delightful if you are intentional about it.

Here’s my take on a perfectly lovely workday ~

6 Ways to Have the Perfect Workday | Blisskeeping.com

1. I go to bed on the early side (at least before midnight – yes, I am a night owl). And I get to work with plenty of margin (ie: early), whether it was to my day job or, on the weekend, to my home office or Starbucks.

2. Before I rush into work, I do one thing for myself. I’m trying to figure out what this is, as since I’m not a morning person usually that thing is a few minutes more sleep. But I want to find something to do each morning that inspires me to jump out of bed, excited.

3. Once I get to work I review my agenda for the day (appointments, meetings, events, etc) and create a short punch-list of tasks to knock out.

4. I build breaks into my day to do at least one of the following:

A. Get some sunshine
B. Eat something satisfying
C. Have a bit of social interaction

5. When it comes to my business tasks I block-out time for specific types of projects + focus intensely on one at a time. I also utilize any in-between pockets of time I find myself having when I’m in the city (which happens often) to pop into a Starbucks for 20-30 minutes to catch up on email, plan out my week, or get some highly intense writing (like this blog post) done. The more confined my time is the more I actually get done!

6. I know when it’s time to stop.Then I wrap up, clean up, and stop working.

It truly comes down to developing a practice + framework for your work to live in. (Tweet this!)

They may seem minor + unimportant, but if you start taking these small steps + turn them into habits, you just might find that your days start to feel more like those “perfect” days we strive for.

And this doesn’t mean we have to BE perfect about checking these things off the list. It just means that, as we build structure into our days, life starts to feel a bit more blissful because we are taking the time + putting thought into ourselves, our work, + our resources.

To help you (and me) out, I’ve created a special BONUS DOWLOAD: “The Perfect Workday Checklist”, a daily checklist, for you.

Use it as both a reminder to incorporate these actions into your day + to track what you are actually implementing.

Who knows, maybe you already have a handle on manifesting a *complete* workday or maybe you’ll start to see a pattern of what habits are actually holding you back.

For each daily checklist, I’ve also included space for you to add your own actions in. And if you think some that I’ve listed don’t apply to you, then that’s okay – but I challenge you to think of an alternative that will promote your wellbeing + a productive workday.

You can download the checklist by clicking the button below to sign up.

Plus when you sign up I will share a super-cool trick that will save you tons of paper and ink (read: $) because you will only have to print this baby one time!

Yes! I want the “Perfect Workday Checklist” BONUS DOWNLOAD


One final note on this: You don’t need to refer to the list with every task. Just check things off periodically throughout your day to see how you are tracking.

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