Batch vs. Practice: How to Use Both to Knock Out Your To-Do List | Blisskeeping.comIt’s time for a little honesty. You may have (or may not have) noticed that I’ve missed a few #blisstips lately if you follow me on social media or get my weekly email updates.

While it’s a small detail that’s easy to excuse but it shows a bit of poor execution of plans on my part.

When I started making those each week I was on a roll with batching together 5+ at a time to cover me for the month in one shot. This way I didn’t have to worry about coming up with a new one each week.

Then the holidays came around and even though I have a whole list of tips, I haven’t made the time to do a bunch at once. This mini-project includes brainstorming an image/photo subject, taking the photo or putting together the graphic, and then putting it all into the #blisstip template.

It takes a lot of planning to make a stash of these at once, but the results are glorious when I know I just have to share my tips each week and not have to make one up from scratch on demand.

As you can see, not doing this has caused a hiccup in my content consistency, and while no one else might’ve noticed, it’s a small way in which I lose a little bliss about my work.

On the other hand, I handle blog posts a little differently.

I write, compile, + publish them as a weekly practice. I do this intentionally so that I am writing from the heart about what relevant ideas, lessons + inspiration I want to share and more importantly to develop the discipline of writing every week. It’s a solid ritual I have of settling into a cafe and whipping out my moleskin to write away with focused energy.

And it works.

And I love it.

In fact, the only time I did not post on a Thursday since I started writing this blog was on Christmas day of 2014. Mainly because I didn’t want to do any ‘marketing’ on what I, and maybe you, consider a sacred day of celebration.

Otherwise, this blogging habit is what grounds my weekly workflow so that I have some consistency when it seems like all my other tasks + projects are not repetitive (ie: I’m doing new things I’ve never done before ALL. OF. THE. TIME.)

So, batch vs. practice – which is better?

Well, neither.

Each works for different tasks in different ways.

I made a little comparison for you.

Batch vs. Practice


Now each of these methods is not mutually exclusive…

You can be in the practice of batching.

Why not?

But they are just different angles to look at those things on your plate that seem to pile up quickly.

Now, for a fun bonus I put together >>>
Since I’ve gotten off track a bit, I’m making up for it with an updated pinboard of all the #blisstips that I’ve made so far. Go ahead and click through here to see the pinboard.

Then tell me which one is your favorite in the comments!

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