The Sure-Fire Way to Tame Your Workspace Like a #GIRLBOSS |

The other day I made a trip to Staples on the way home from work. I hadn’t made a trip like this in a long while as I’ve cut down massively on my office supply habit.

I used to go there (or the Container Store or Target or…) any chance I got all in the name of organization and ended up with more stuff that I didn’t need than I could even keep track of.

You know the feeling — that urge to get organized that ultimately leads to a shopping spree of needless storage supplies (ie: stuff)

Now my approach to this process is a whole lot more thoughtful.

I’ve figured out how to tame my home office so that I feel completely blissed out when I’m working there. And this process works!

Are you ready for it?

The Sure-Fire Way to Tame Your Workspace Like a girlboss |

1. Show up every(work)day.

That’s code for actually using your dedicated workspace on the regular. Yes, there will be times when you head to a cafe / coworking space or want to curl up on the couch / in your bed, but there is a lot to be said for having a home for your biz / creative projects. It tells yourself that you are taking ownership of the work you are doing in the world + are proud of it. Kinda like dressing up for the day and not spending life in your PJs because you work from home.

Trust me — it’s totally worth it for your mindset alone.

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2. Start the day with a clean slate.

This starts with clearing off your desk / drafting table / workbench / kitchen counter when you finish the night before.

Simple as that — do it every time you work and you’ll start to feel better every time you enter the space (kinda like making the bed ;-)

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3. Purge the Paperwork

Every now and then we need to do a clean sweep of our living spaces – including our offices + studios. If you’re like me it’s mostly paperwork that piles up. Or maybe you’ve got way to many art / craft / maker supplies or old inventory busting out of your storage closets. Do this now: Make a date in your calendar to get into action!

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4. Establish Systems and Routines

Now that your space is squeaky clean it’s time to consider the most important step in maintaining it that way.

You want to set up systems for organizing + storing all of your workspace *stuff* (here are (quite) a few ideas) and then you want to establish regular routines (like clearing off your desk) to keep the good feeling going.

And you’re in luck!

I created a pretty sweet calendar sheet to plot out your routine tasks for each month so you really can tame your workspace like a #girlboss.

Download the BONUS Monthly Workspace Routine Planner

Go ahead and print it out and use the sample task ideas to get your noodle going with all the nitty gritty details you need to take care of to make your working world shine!

5. Use a decision filter when you shop for office supplies

Okay – you’re clean + clear + keeping it that way, but have you considered the future of your space?

Before you make that Target run now that you’re all jazzed about organizing your office consider the following questions before you hand over your credit card:

Workspace Shopping Filter >>> Tame Your Workspace Like a #GIRLBOSS | Blisskeeping.comIf an item you have your hands on / are hovering your mouse over doesn’t meet at least one of those criteria… HALT — truly don’t need it.

Here’s an idea — Save this photo to your phone and refer to it the next time you go shopping (for anything!) You can also use this concept when deciding what kinds of projects you will let into your business / life, because with projects comes more stuff, usually. Clarity on this will make all the difference.



6. Keep an “Essentials” Binder

This is by far my fave part of this whole thing. I call mine my “Blissbook”.

Here’s what it is — Anything that I need to refer to often for my biz I keep in a binder near my desk. Right now I have my social media stats, a marketing checklist, my style guide, + funsheets from a course I’m going through, but you could also keep things like your website details, tax + legal info, vendor contacts, etc. Anything really.

The point is you won’t have to go scrounging around every time you need this info — it will always be at hand.

And there you have it — a deliciously simple process for you to tame your workspace.

So how did I make out on that Staples run?

Even, though I felt a tinge of guilt for a moment, since I legitimately needed the items I bought and planned out a list before I went into the store, no guilt was necessary. I had a plan and stuck with it. And I still feel total bliss whenever I’m in my workspace because everything has its purpose in there.

Getting organized isn’t a soul-sucking endeavor when you do it right. (Tweet this!)

Now it’s your turn, what’s the 1 thing you will implement from this post today to tame YOUR workspace?

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