I had a funny realization yesterday about finishing what I start. Usually when talking about this topic, we think of big creative projects that get left undone, while we wait for a rainy day.

But this wasn’t what was on my mind. Its about finishing small tasks to completion. Like rinsing out the sink after doing the dishes and wiping down the counter or putting away that sweater that has another day’s use in it (instead of throwing it on your my desk chair). Or putting that card that you bought, signed and stamped in the mailbox.

Its this little pieces that take less than a minute to complete that can create the most clutter in our lives, adding unneeded stress. So I made it my goal to finish whatever small task I am working on until it is finished.

Somehow this is easier to do when I am at my day job and I know I can’t leave small details undone. And at the end of every work day I take care of the same few small details before I leave, including clearing my desk.

And I never walk in the next morning overwhelmed but stuff spilling all over my workspace. I can start the day with a clear head.

On the other hand at home, because my desk is in my bedroom, it starts to collect unread mail and ready-ready-to-wear-again clothing, simply because I don’t take the opportunity to deal with those two things at the moment I stash them there.

And then I end up working on the couch.

Can you relate?

I challenge you to take a moment the next time you are working at your desk to put everything away that doesn’t need to be out. And see how you feel when you come back to work the next time.

Or if, your desk has become a repository for random items and you rarely use it, take a few minutes to put things away the next time you walk by. Then see if it beckons you when you are feeling creative.

And if you are just unhappy with the desk you have right now, maybe it is time to get a new one. (Or maybe you need your whole office upgraded – I might be able to help you with this one, so stay tuned ; )

To give you a little inspiration, I’ve put together a board of a few desks I have my eye one. Unlike the ‘File Smarter’ post which was filled with pastels and prettiness, most of these have more of a natural rustic feel. Somehow I like the both combined!


OFFICE BLISS: The Art of Clearing Your Desk | Blisskeeping.com

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Now, I’d love to hear in the comments below, what ‘clearing your desk’ habit do you want to start today? What is the one everyday task you always leave undone?

How would your life change if you finished the job each time you attended to it?

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