Nothing feels worse than a pile of random paperwork. Knowing you need to arrange all of it in some kind of order and weed out the trash + ‘to be shredded’ doesn’t equate to a fun day for most of us. But think of how you will feel once everything is put in its place. Completion.

When you hold onto THAT feeling while you are going through the muck, it can be quite a refreshing experience.

I want to inspire you into action with a few ideas that can get you on your way. (This is the most fun part of blisskeeping – designing an office that truly embodies your unique style in a way that flows).

It starts with a moodboard but dig a little deeper into this post because there are some sweet nuggets of ideas for each item shown.

OFFICE BLISS: File Smarter |

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  1. Magazine File Boxes: Store paper or notebooks or folders or magazines
  2. Rolling File Cabinet: Hide it away from your workspace and bring it out when you are reading to do some filing.
  3. Storage Bins/Boxes: Setup a box for each project to hold notes, samples, or tear sheets
  4. Binders: Keep important company documents or manuals
  5. Clipboards: Create a versatile vision board to collect articles of inspiration + ideas
  6. File Case: For files that need to travel with you
  7. Paper Trays: Designate for inbox/outbox or to do/to file
  8. Hanging File Holder: ditto
  9. Shred Bin: Collects all those unnecessary important docs together so you can shred them
  10. BONUS: Use a bench as a custom filing cabinet/supply chest – Click here to see what I mean.

Now you don’t need to have ALL of these elements in your file management system. (At the moment I am only using about 4 of these based on my current business needs) This is just meant to help you start thinking of some ways to handle all of the paperwork + project details in your life as a creative entrepreneur.

I recommend going through all of your paperwork and other items needed to be file to take account of exactly what storage options you need BEFORE you head to the container store and blow your budget on a bunch of stuff you don’t need.

Once you figure out what your needs are start designating each type of paperwork to its proper location. The next step would be breaking down your collection into folders/etc that are labeled according to a specific theme. But that’s a whole different ball of wax.

I’m currently developing something to help you do just that for those that work with me one-on-one, so if you need some help with this feel free to reach out to me here. ; )

Take a look around your office and examine your current system, is it meeting your needs?

Then share in the comments below 1 thing you want to change (*then go change it*) + any other great ideas you have to organize files. We’d love to hear them!

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