I know how to build a fire.

This is because I grew up in a real live log home complete with wood burning stove in the Hudson Valley (NY) that my Dad and family built from scratch. Having the stove meant that we were always toasty in the winters and I had to learn how to start a fire. The trick is the kindling. You can’t start with just logs and paper. You need something in between like sticks and bark to catch fire.

The dance studio was my second home from the time I was 8 until I graduated high school.

My senior year I applied to my top schools including Fordham University/Alvin Ailey’s BFA in Dance. I didn’t make it into that program or many others. In fact, I only made it into one. Soul. Crushed. But now more than 12 years later I take class at The Ailey Extension anytime my schedule allows. Dreams do come true!

I am a college dropout (sorta).

After graduating high school, I had a pretty difficult time and started college late. After choosing to major in Psychology, I realized that I didn’t want to spend my life being sucked dry by listening to the weight of other people’s problems. I wanted to do something positive to change people’s lives in a way that was pleasurable. I discovered an organization that did musical productions in high schools across the US to speak out against bullying. So, I joined. But of course instead of withdrawing cold turkey I ended up finishing my Associate’s Degree with a focus in Business before I went on the production tour. I figured learning about business would be helpful for anything I would do. I was right.

I’m head over heels in love with my husband of 7 years!

We met in NYC at an after party for an Easter production our church put on at an Off Broadway theater. I was a dancer of course and he was called in last minute to play drums. We chatted over orange soda (me) and Ommegang (him). We exchanged business cards. He emailed me for a coffee date. And the rest is history.

I’ve temped at more companies than I can count.

Refining my administrative skills and gaining a unique perspective of how different businesses run because I’ve worked in so many different industries (think: Finance, Real Estate, Insurance, Higher (Arts & Legal) Education, Construction & Engineering, Printing Press, Retail, Software Development). All of them had their unique good parts and bad parts but Insurance was my least I walked off the job when I was at an insurance company because I couldn’t take people yelling at me on the phone at 8:30am every morning when I called to collect their payment.

I landed my first DREAM JOB at a Design Firm just weeks after enrolling in an Interior Design program.

It was as Design/Administrative Assistant to the Principal Designer at an Eldercare Design Firm. Learned a ton about using fabrics that are liquid resistant (yes, it’s a thing) and revamped our studio/office space within a few months of being hired. I reorganized the furniture resource library my first day there. (Something started to click about organizing creative environments ; )

I’ve lived in more apartments/living situations than I can count since the time I left home at 19.

Somehow my hubby and I managed to stay in our last apartment for nearly 4 years! Now we moved up 1 floor to a place that has an extra room that I’ve dedicated to MY office and I get to make it my own – a perfect place to develop my creative skills and grow Blisskeeping!