As I write this I am sitting at my desk in my new home office. I spent a good part of the day finding a home for everything in my apartment which we just moved into a few weeks ago.

We’ve been living out of boxes and making due in our new space as best we can, but it felt good to finally have some order in our home. It’s not perfect, but it works and I feel a huge sense of peace + refreshment.

And that is what I’ve found organization is really all about. Our lives move forward in a constant state of ebb + flow and nothing ever really stays in its place as perfectly as Pinterest makes it out to be.

Organization is a Process of Renewal |

The point is that you practice the art of shedding.

What is that exactly?

It’s a concept that I came across years ago in a book called The Truth About Beauty by Kat James.

This book came out when more natural beauty products were just being introduced to the marketplace and the author talked about how instead of getting an overnight makeover (or rather make-under) she slowly began the process of updating her beauty routine to have safer, better-for-you products plus a look that was more natural as opposed to her 80’s style heavy makeup look.

This is what she coined as shedding:

“My process applies… what I call the Process of Shedding – a rethinking, removal, and recovery (on many levels) from harmful beliefs & choices that simply frees up the radiance waiting within you”

– Kat James – The Truth About Beauty.

It really struck me and I’ve taken it on as my own way of viewing the process of transformation.

You have to let go of what no longer suits you to let your new skin show in brighter and more beautiful ways.

What does this have to do with organizing your office?


Truly, organization is a process of renewal.

As I said the physical spaces we live in are not static like they seem in photos, so instead of worrying that you don’t have “a place for everything and everything in its place” find small ways to let go of the clutter and set up better systems to manage the stuff that comes through your space.

It’s a much freer feeling way to look at this whole concept instead of feeling overwhelmed with the need for perfection, which will just leave you stuck right where you are.

This can also apply to certain routines you go through to accomplish your goals.

For example, I’ve mentioned before I usually go to cafes to do my writing + planning and I end up spending lots of $ on soy chai lattes which aren’t the best thing for my wallet or my health. I just always had a hard time getting focused on writing mode when my desk was in a corner of my bedroom with bad light.

So, now that it’s a start of a new season, I’m going to let go of that habit and start something new.


Instead of going to a Starbucks I’m writing in my office with sunset light spilling through the window and to help my brain focus + get creative, I’ve got the “French Cafe” station playing on Pandora. It’s perfect because I’m not distracted by the words since it’s all in French!

While you may not have moved to a new office yourself, there are certainly things you can do to uplift your space to shed the old skin + bring renewal.

And guess what?

I can help you with this! Currently, there are 2 ways you can work with me to “organize your office with style”. The first is to hire me on a one-on-one basis and the other is to come to my upcoming workshop this April in NYC.

I’m actually working with a beta one-on-one client right now and it is going brilliantly!

And I’d love to work with YOU next!

To learn more about both of these options go head over to my “Work With Me” page and click around :)


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