This week we have special guest, Tamara Hackett, here today. I connected with Tamara recently via the Female Entrepreneurs Association and found that we had a lot in common. Read below to find out how she keeps her to do list under control, how she came up with her business idea & more.

(side note: I’ll be sharing an interview about once a month with creative entrepreneurs on how they keep their business blissful)

Without further ado, meet Tamara:

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Jessica: Tell us about yourself and your business. What lead you to doing what you do now?

Tamara: Hello! I am the designer and creator of ‘Your Pretty Pages: Where business organization meets beauty‘. I offer pre-designed templates for paper planning and other organizational tools and resources for creative entrepreneurs. I created this business to fill a void for those of us who like to have beauty, colour and design apart of the organization, development and collection of ideas in our businesses.

J: Describe a typical day running your business?

T: I’d say it’s more like a typical week. I blog twice a week, post to social media every day and have at least one big project (for a client) that I am always working on. Then I make time to learn (I am always taking some sort of class) and also design and develop my products and services.

J: What’s one thing you do to keep your to do list under control?

T: I write a list that is manageable to begin with. This is something that took a long time for me to actually master. I am someone who always wants to do everything and my to-do lists often used to look like bucket lists. I don’t have a problem pushing myself, it’s more restraining myself and being realistic about what is possible given the amount of time I have.

J: Where do you do most of your work (at home, in a coworking space, at a coffee shop etc.) and what makes it a good environment for your creativity?

T: I work a lot from home, but also love the library and coffee shops. I always take my custom planner with me, no matter where I go. It makes me feel on track no matter where I work. It also has space for me to draw and sketch which is a part of my creative process. I am most creative when I am surrounded by things I love – books and warm drinks.

J: Any big goals/dreams/visions in the works? How do plan on reaching them?

T: I always have big dreams! The two biggest projects are: creating printed planners (not just digital and printable pages) and an online course. I am going to reach my goals by staying focused and continually trying to offer what people really need. Listening, then creating a plan to break down tasks and move forward every day.

J: Do you have any struggles with keeping your business organized?

T: When I first started, I was collecting information faster than I could consume it and I didn’t have a system to collect or retrieve it. As a creative soul at heart, I also had a very hard time fitting into rigid ways of working. I really believe in keeping organized so I ended up using my design skills to create custom templates to keep certain types of information. It has actually been the inspiration behind Your Pretty Pages.

J: Where can we find you online? Have any new offerings to share?

T: You can find me at where I offer a blog with lots of insights and creative ways of thinking about organization, productivity, passion, planning and owning an on-line business. I also have a free 5 Day Challenge called ‘Transforming Information Overload to Organizational Bliss’, which you can find at

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