Amber-Feb2013-60I’m super-excited to share this post with you today. It’s a very special one featuring an interview with Amber McCue, the lovely CEO of I’ve been *following* her for a while now and got to really connect with her this past fall in a free 2015 Planathon she held  – she basically helped me plan out my whole year (and then some!)

I’ll let her tell you more in the interview below – make sure to read the whole post to see the gorgeous shots of her home office – taken by Natalie Franke


Jessica: Tell us about yourself and your business. What lead you to doing what you do now?

Amber: I have a long-standing passion for working with leaders to help them do better business. Because running a better business, means a better life. And that’s what it is ultimately all about, right?

We got into business, as modern CEOs, to have freedom, autonomy, and to have more meaning in our lives. I am on a mission to make sure you get that.

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J: Describe a typical day running your business?

A: I used to do client calls and partner meetings in the morning, but I was so tired after those calls and as I moved into the afternoon that I couldn’t focus the rest of the day.

I recently I started blocking the morning for creation and to be used for productive working time. I try to keep calls and meetings for after the lunch hour – I feel good because I got some great things done in the morning. Plus, my energy ticks back up because I really enjoy hopping on the phone with people and creating in their businesses as well.

I am also working on getting some new habits in place in 2015. As much as I love being able to be spontaneous, ritual is also important to me. My lunch hour is now reserved for lunch (imagine that! ;)) and a walk or time to jump on the trampoline.

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J: What’s one thing you do to keep your to do list under control?

A: Get help. Sharing is caring right? ;)

Honestly, I try to focus on things I enjoy doing and things I’m actually good at. I engage a team of talented people to help me with the things I don’t do as well and I know someone else can do better.

J: Where do you do most of your work and what makes it a good environment for your creativity?

A: Most of my work is done out of my home office. It’s a fabulous space with a stand-up desk and artwork that me and my daughters created together.

If I’m in need of a creative burst of energy or change in environment, I also bust out of the office space and move myself to a coffee shop or to my living room sofa.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don’t have to be tied to a desk – I can move and change things as needed. Including the environment.

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J: Any big goals/dreams/visions in the works? How do you plan on reaching them?

A: I’m brewing a movement that supports the Modern CEO. We call it business 10.0. It’s our call to arms for everyone who wants more to take it. For people with big ideas to go bigger. To take back their future and own it.

People are leaving corporate at an exponential rate and there’s a new economy emerging that is centered around entrepreneurship. You no longer need a corner office and a ladder. You can achieve your goals and live a better life.

We’ll be sure to update everyone when we launch this baby – In the meantime, everyone can stay connected via

J:  Do you have (or have you had in the past) any struggles with keeping your business organized?

A: Absolutely! I have in the past and with every new level, something new surfaces that requires new attention and fresh organization. I stay organized using Google docs, a marketing or operations playbook, and a paper planner.

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J: Where can we find you online? Have any new offerings to share?

A: You can find us at anytime, but if you want to get your business plan on and accelerate your growth, check out the 2015 Planathon that’s available in a perfect DIY, go at your own pace form. Yes, it’s free too!!

I have some new offerings coming up… Stay tuned!! :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post today – it truly means the world to me. I mentioned last week that it is on my blog wishlist to post lots more office tours, and a funny thing happened – as soon as I declared it to the world, along came Amber and her generosity to share her wisdom & an inside look at her workspace!

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend signing up for the NiceOps Free 2015 Planathon DIY– it’s a wonderful community and is filled with nuggets of planning goodness :)

3 Comments on Interview with Amber McCue
(+ Pics of Her Home Office!)

  1. Swah
    April 16, 2015 at 3:23 AM (4 years ago)

    What a great interview and a dreamy home office she has! I’m so jealous

    • Jessica Newell
      April 18, 2015 at 9:57 AM (4 years ago)

      Thanks Swah! I know it’s pretty gorgeous – so bright and open.

  2. Julia Slike
    June 16, 2015 at 12:04 PM (4 years ago)

    Amber is a gem! I’m in her Freshly Implemented program and I really enjoyed your interview here, thank you!


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