Prep Your Space for a Warm Welcome Back (The Out-of-Office Series) | Blisskeeping.comFrom what I recall growing up, one of the worst things about coming home from vacation was being greeted with a messy room. Somehow I never got it together to clean things up + put my “stuff away before I left.

I guess I was too excited to have some time off from school to even think about tidying up.

Now I have a whole different approach. At the time I am writing this it’s a Monday evening and I am heading away this Friday (by the time you read this) for a family reunion.

I already spent some time this past weekend putting away laundry and shredding through a pile of papers that was getting too big, but before I hit the hay tonight I’m going to make one more sweep to clear up the clutter.

Specifically in my office I’m going to make sure there are no outstanding papers to file + that my desk is clutter-free, ready to welcome me back once I return.

Doing this with such intention is a beautiful ritual to set the tone for my trip before it even begins. It’s a way of saying to my space that I care for it and, wonderfully, this will be exactly what will make my space care for me back!

It can be quick + painless (even enjoyable) – so let’s go!

Here’s your:

Out-Of-Office Action Step #2

Prep your workspace (and the rest of your home) to welcome you back from your hiatus.

Here’re some things you can do to make this happen –

1. Empty the trash/shred bin
2. Clear your desk of clutter
3. File away any old doc’s you need to keep
4. Take out anything that belongs in a different room and put it away.
5. Dust & Sweep

Easy. Peasy.

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but how often do we neglect our space in the midst of travel time only to return with a big weight of clean up and todos waiting for us.

But let’s not stop there. To amp up the love for your work home space I have another quick tip that will literally take 5 minutes to do but will seriously make all of the difference in the bliss factor of getting back to work.

Ready for your BONUS Action Step?

Here goes:

Make a welcome back bundle to greet you at your desk. This can include:
  • A snapshot of the week ahead
  • Important/pressing paperwork you need to knock out upon returning
  • Most importantly, at least one thing that will make you smile, like a vase + some cash to buy flowers, your favorite candle, a Starbucks card. Get creative, you’re the one you want to impress!

Next week we’ll dig a little deeper into how to prepare ahead of time to make your trip even more enjoyable & nix out any unnecessary work tasks that you shouldn’t be focusing on while you get some rest time. And if you want to read the intro to the Out-Of-Office Series, click here!

For now though, I’d love it if you shared what your current ‘coming home from vacay’ experience is + what you would most like to change about it. Leave a comment + please share this with anyone else you know who is planning a trip.

2 Comments on Prep Your Space for a
Warm Welcome Back
(The Out-of-Office Series Pt. 2)

  1. Ellen Russell
    May 7, 2015 at 10:51 AM (4 years ago)

    These are great tips! I haven’t had to really spend a large chunk of time away from my desk yet, but I have a similar ritual I do every evening before bed. It helps me be so much more productive in the morning if I come to a clean desk and a nice little post-it of what I need to work on, instead of a pile of junk and cold tea cup from the night before.

    • Jessica Newell
      May 7, 2015 at 9:30 PM (4 years ago)

      Oh, glad you like them Ellen! It makes such a difference walking into a space already prepared for you to get to work each morning, doesn’t it! Keep going with it :)


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