How to Enjoy Your Vacation (The Out-of-Office Series Part 3) | BlisskeepingIf you’ve been following along the past few weeks I’ve been sharing a lot about how to make the most of a time on hiatus

Now we’re getting to the part about how to enjoy your vacation to the utmost (for real this time ; )

Last week I talked all about how to make your workspace a sweet spot to come back to after being on hiatus and this week I am writing this post in flight on my way home from a family reunion in Florida.

And let me tell you, this was a super relaxing time away where I spent very little time thinking about my biz. The key is that I prepped things ahead of time so that I wouldn’t even have to think about work while I was away.

This included both my blog & social media posts. I had my blog and email ready to go 2 days beforehand so I wouldn’t have to worry about it the night before my 6am flight (and ended up getting all the sleep I needed to get up early + enjoy my vacay once I landed).

As far as social media I have a few tricks up my sleeve which I’ll share below, some of which I used while I was waiting at the airport to board – because they are super easy to sue on an iPhone.

Now let’s get to it! Here’s your:

Out-of-Office Action Step #3

Prepare your content ahead of time + pre-schedule all of your posts, emails, and social media updates.

Here’s how I do this using some of my favorite apps*…

1. Schedule my post to publish in WordPress
2. Schedule my email to send in Mailchimp
3. Use the “Revive Old Posts” plugin in WordPress to keep churning out past posts on social media for those who haven’t seen them
4. Keep up on my fave blogs on Bloglovin’ THEN ‘share’ them to Buffer on my iPhone. (This one is that super sweet trick I mentioned above to keep content flowing that I love myself and I know my audience will love too!)

There other great content scheduling tools out there like CoSchedule & Edgar, but for me right now I try to keep it simple. For times like this, there’s very little I have to do once I prepare my blog posts and emails except share them once on each social media platform and I’m off.

One thing to mention on this is that in order to truly take a break you need to give yourself a break from constantly replying to comments and shares while you are away. Depending on your comfort level and where you are in your business journey, you can step back and quiet down for a brief period of time or you could call in some help to manage your relationships with your audience, clients, & customers. You’ll know what’s best.

And finally – don’t forget to set a short + sweet “Out-of-Office” autoresponder if you expect to be getting any important emails while you are away. This just let’s you breath an even bigger guilt-free sigh of relief.

Got any other great ideas? Would love to hear them in the comments!

And if you know someone else who MUST read this before they head out of town please spread the love.

Finally if you need to catch up on this series here a the first two posts, with more to come over the next couple weeks:

*Just a note that I am not an affiliate of any of the apps or services listed in this post


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