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Why you need systems to dazzle your customers

Why You Need Systems to Dazzle Your Customers | Bisskeeping.com

This week I’ve been writing my Christmas cards to friends and family. It is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays – partially because I enjoy the pure process of handwriting notes and sealing + stamping envelopes. And partially because it is one of the small gifts we can give to our […] Read more…

Why your planner isn’t working for you

Why Your Planner Isn't Working for You | Blisskeeping.com

I can’t tell you how many planners I’ve had that I stopped using after about a month or so. I’d get all excited in the new year or at back-to-school season to break out a fresh new planner and fill out all the details and dates. Inevitably, though, most of my plans and appointments were […] Read more…

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