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Organization is a Process of Renewal

Organization is a Process of Renewal | Blisskeeping.com

As I write this I am sitting at my desk in my new home office. I spent a good part of the day finding a home for everything in my apartment which we just moved into a few weeks ago. We’ve been living out of boxes and making due in our new space as best […] Read more…

When Being Messy is a Good Thing

Growing up you would not have thought of me as an organized person. In fact, my nickname was actually “Messy Jessie”. I had not time or patience to clean my room. While I did well in school and kept my classwork together neatly (+ loved my planner), I had a very hard time managing the […] Read more…

What Einstein Has to Say About Your Desk

This past Monday was the perfect ideal workday for me. Since it was actually a holiday I didn’t have to go to my day job, but instead of making it a staycation I planned it out as if I were full-time at Blisskeeping. I started by going into the city at 9am and settling down […] Read more…

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