magic small changesThis week has been quite a whirlwind blizzard for us here in the NYC area (well, not really…). Thankfully, it hasn’t slowed me down and I’ve been able to stay on track with my goals for the week.

Apart from this my husband and I just found out that we will be moving!

. . . One floor up.

The beauty of this is that it has an extra room overlooking the front porch which I will be using solely as my brand new office!

Timing is grand isn’t it? Now I really get to dive into creating my dream office.

It’s a funny thing how it happened. The opportunity opened up in an instant and we were even more excited to have friends taking over our current apartment.

My brain has been on overdrive on office-making and although we’ve broached the subject of upgrading to a 2 bedroom a lot, we haven’t made any hard plans up to this point. So it totally surprised me, in a good way, that this space manifested the very moment in time that I’ve been dreaming about the perfect workspace, without even expecting it to happen now.

Kinda makes me think of an avalanche. Imagine just one small point of focus shifting slightly, and then all of the sudden its a massive snow collapse experience. (Yes, I have snow on the brain!)

What if you started making one small change in your work environment? (Tweet this!) How would that affect what you are able to produce there?

Here are a few ideas of simple shifts you can take today to build momentum for transformation:

  • Clear your desk off
  • Shred old unnecessary papers
  • Ditch the junk mail the moment it comes through your doors
  • Replace the lightbulb that went out weeks ago
  • Organize your supply bin/drawer/cabinet
  • Tidy up your wires
  • Add a plant
  • Make a dream office Pinterest board

Make a simple change today and check in with yourself in a week – did anything else change too?

Share the one thing you will change right now in the comments.

Then if your itching to see the latest update I’ve made to this here site, head to my ‘Work With Me‘ page – I just laid out all of the details for how we can work together to turn those small changes into something magnificent.

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