When thinking about what’s in front of me for the next month to prepare my biz for the new year + make the most of the holidays my mind could go a little haywire – IF I let it.

I don’t need to write a list of everything on my plate for you to understand that this experience of overwhelm. It can be unruly. But there are a few key things I do to lighten the burden on all that is happening in my life. It all boils down to creating the opportunity to develop focus.

How I Deal With Overwhelm | Blisskeeping.com

You see, you can’t actually strengthen your focus muscles without a few distractions you need to resist. I’ve found there are three steps I must take to laser in on what I must do to laser in on what I most want to accomplish.

I recognize my limitations.

Before any of us are at the point of complete burnout, we need to pull back on involving ourselves in activities that waste our energy. These can be little things or big commitments that can potentially derail us from our goals. With enough life experience, it should be easier to spot what our personal limits are. And there is no shame in admitting to yourself + others that something is overwhelming you.

I’ve learned how to say no.

Once you’ve defined your limits comes the more difficult step of opting out of those activities. What’s even harder is that these might be things that you truly do want to do, but actually drain you of the vital resources of time, money, and energy that you could use in beneficial way.

Remember – Saying YES to one amazing opportunity means saying no to something else. (Tweet it!)

I enlist my support system to encourage me and keep me accountable.

Sometimes the guilt of saying no to something you feel you *should* do can feel the most overwhelming of all, which is why we sometimes avoid saying NO in the first place.

Talk to someone you trust about what’s going on and they can usually help you clarify what exactly you need to cut out. Allow them to give you the boost you need to have those difficult conversations and let go of the stress of being overwhelmed.

Once I go through this process, I usually feel a bit lighter on my feet and have enough open space in my life to allow me to reach forward towards my big vision + have plenty of breathing room.

That’s when I become overwhelmed with another emotion: joy+peace. But that’s a definitely a good thing. My energy is boosted and I am ready to tackle the projects on my plate. It feels marvelous.

What about you? What things tend to overwhelm you or what do you need to say NO to this season?

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  1. Charlotte
    December 5, 2014 at 5:17 PM (4 years ago)

    I like to look at the big “why”. “Why” am I doing something? It helps me stay in sight of my North Star. This helps me stay clear on “what” I need to do. and, like you, if I trip off the path I call in the support system.


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