It’s not always easy to bring passion to your work day in and day out. For me, there are two points in my day that are always the toughest to get through no matter what lays ahead —

The moment I have to get out of bed and the moment (usually after dinner) before I sit down to work on Blisskeeping.

I get that clawing/nagging feeling that there is work to be done + to dos to be crossed off the list. This is the moment that is my daily crossroads – do I make my way into the city for my day job (in the morning) / sit down at my desk to get creative (in the evening) OR do I TRY to escape it all?

Fortunately, 99.9% of the time I choose to do the productive thing which is shaping my destiny into something beautiful.

How to Bring Passion to Your Work |

While there are times that I am less than motivated, I’ve learned to let my passion propel me forward during the times that I am motivated and the discipline + structure of ingrained habits pull me forward when I am not.

The thing is, you need to consistently and conscientiously make those good choices so when you don’t ‘feel like it’, you will still make the right choice as if by default.

Another way I look at it when I have to make bold moves to launch my biz forward (like booking a space for my upcoming workshop) I do it as if I were just doing my job working for someone else. It takes the edge off of doing something that actually takes courage.

I share all of this because I want to pose a different take on the whole ‘I hate / want to escape my day job because I have to pursue my passion’ idea that is rampant among the creative / entrepreneurial community.

I used to think this way and it made me even more resistant to my commitments because I always felt like I should be doing something more creative.

But the truth is, that very discipline it takes to go do the stuff you must do is the same discipline you need to do the stuff you truly desire to do. Having great ideas isn’t enough to make those ideas happen, you have to be able to push through the challenges ( and there will be many) even when you follow your free-spirited heart.

Like I said, I have that same twinge of wanting to escape/procrastinate when I wake up and get ready for my commute as I do when I finish my dinner and sit down to do the fun stuff.

Sometimes I just don’t wanna – but the moment I get going, I forget why I even felt that way. And I enjoy myself.

And it’s because I choose to go through with the first that I also choose to go through with the latter regardless of whether I’m scared or just don’t feel like it.

That’s how you become a pro at what you’re passionate about (Tweet It!) and how you become passionate at the work you’ve become a pro at.

Think for a minute, do you really want to be someone who just tries to find the quickest escape route to tough circumstances. It’s a lousy way to go through life always running away when instead you could be building a beautiful life & future for yourself.

When we try to escape we cut off every opportunity because all of the good things in life come by a decent amount of amount of blood, sweat, and tears. Even when you are following your bliss.

Why not take a step back and look at your habits. What good ones do you need to instill to propel you forward?

How can you “automate” them?

Would love to hear your take in the comments so please share away (+ please share this with anyone who you know needs a good kick of motivation).


p.s. Big news! I’m going to be holding an “Organize Your Office with Style” Workshop in New York on April 18th! Will you be in the area if so I’d love to meet you in person – get the deets here.

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