2These past few weeks were filled with celebration and renewal for me. After much needed time with family, I took an afternoon between Christmas and New Year’s to get my office ready for a whole new season.

Then my site went down (enter sad/frustrated face). I shared this with those on the Bliss List last week and had to wait till now to share today’s post.

(It actually turned out to be a good thing though ‘cause it just reminded me that it’s time to reset.)

Wanna know the 4 key things I did to clear the slate in my workspace?

Here they are in all of their simplicity:

1. Cleared my desk of all (holiday) clutter: receipts, tags from new clothing that accumulated, cards and other mail, etc. Doing this helped me move past all of the trappings of the holidays

2. Archived old files into my file ‘chest’ and filled up my shred bin with old bills & statements. Nothing feels better than to let go of reminders of past burdens.

3. Cleared a good chunk of my wall space for new inspiration. As my vision has changed, I needed to update what I see every time I sit at my desk. Sometimes a clear wall gives us the headspace to visualize new ideas.

4. Moved things around for a fresh view & feel. The best way to change a space that feels stagnant is to rearrange it. Doesn’t cost a dime but can do wonders in terms of refreshing your spirit.

This is a snapshot of what it looked like when I was (almost) done:


Then I realized that facing a closed door probably wasn’t the best idea – so I switched it up to this (see step 4):


(Oh, yeah and I added a hook to my bathroom door to hang my jeans, etc instead of piling them on my desk chair every night. Yes, my office is currently in a corner of my bedroom).

Now there’s nothing stopping me from using this space!

It got me envisioning what I want to be like in a year (or few) when we own our first place — When I have a whole room dedicated to Blisskeeping ;)

I’m sure you do the same kind of daydreaming yourself. That’s why I’m working on a sweet workbook for you to not only help you dream up your ideal office space but also to make your current space blissed out RIGHT NOW.

If you want to get your very own copy, sign up here and I’ll send you one once it’s complete (I’ll have it polished & pretty for you by this time next week ;)

Did I mention it will be FREE?

And if you’re already on the Bliss List – no worries, you be getting your own copy soon too!

2 Comments on 4 Must Dos to Clean the Slate

  1. Patti
    January 8, 2015 at 6:16 PM (4 years ago)

    Looks great Jess. I like the switch up (step 4). Very nice. Good ideas!

    • Jessica Newell
      March 7, 2015 at 1:23 PM (4 years ago)

      Thanks Patti!

      Had fun making the switch :)


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