Being caught up in clutter is not the way to get your creativity flowing.

What if instead your work experience was infused with organization?
You’d have complete clarity on what needs to be accomplished each day because you’ve built an environment that completely supports you to be productive and inspires you to be creative.
Flourishing becomes inevitable, not impossible.

My vision is to help you have peace in your life, let go of perfection and get wealthy by setting up your business environment to function in a state of flow. My mission is to show you how design a workspace that seamlessly blends beauty + function so you can do your best work and pave the way to a vibrant and free lifestyle.

How do I do this?

By sharing Guides, Workbooks, Planning Tools, How-to’s, Office Tours, Behind-the-Scenes glimpses and other great inspiration centered on how to set up gorgeous organizational systems for your workspace.

It doesn’t need to be complicated. You can totally make setting up your ideal workspace a completely blissful endeavor.

JessicaNewell_025My name is Jessica Newell and over my years working in administrative positions, I’ve become a whiz at making things come together and work in office settings. But I’m not just a ‘detail oriented’, left-brained, organization junkie. I’m also a creative with 15 years of dance experience (ballet, tap, jazz, modern, etc) + studying interior design at the professional level.

I’ve experienced success in ‘dream’ positions and I’ve also hit rock bottom a couple of times. It was during a time of hardship that I got serious about pursuing my passion for designing beautiful spaces, particularly workspaces that serve as habitat for ideas to be birthed, pursued, and fulfilled.

I love serving creatives, who are bound for big things, cultivate workspaces that are havens for their most creative work and that make their lifestyle truly blissful!

Spaces that are organized + beautiful…
streamlined + styled.

With seemingly infinite resources available to us – it’s hard to know where to start.

This is where Blisskeeping comes in.

If you are more than ready to get started, I’ve got a fantastic workbook for you to get your workspace in order right now – 3 Steps to your Dream Office (Click here to learn more).

You’ll also learn more about Blisskeeping and receive monthly updates featuring blog posts, bonus downloads, and other fun projects I have in the works.

A little bit more about me – 7 fun facts…

Here’s the first one:

I know how to build a fire.

This is because I grew up in a real live log home complete with wood burning stove in the Hudson Valley (NY) that my Dad and family built from scratch. Having the stove meant that we were always toasty in the winters and I had to learn how to start a fire. The trick is the kindling. You can’t start with just logs and paper. You need something in between like sticks and bark to catch fire.

Read the rest of them here.

Professional Bio:

Jessica Newell sparks creatives to cultivate stylish + streamlined workspaces that inspire big visions and enhance productivity through her blog Her “BSchool-changed-my-life” story has been featured on Marie Forleo’s “In There Own Words” campaign and she spends her free time Office Managing at a prominent financial firm in NYC. If you’re ready to fall head over heels for your workspace, you HAVE to check out the “3 Steps to Your Dream Office” workbook she cooked up for you over on